Where can I buy Bush Babies?

The Bush Baby toys are available to pre order online at Smyths Toys, The Entertainer, Toys R Us, Amazon and Very from 1st July and will be widely available in all good retailers from 15th July.


What toys are available?

There are cute Bush Baby soft toys to collect including the six Dreamstar Bush Babies as well as 4 more that come complete with their own Sleepy Pod. 


How do they work?

You can bring your Bush Baby friend to life just like you see them on the webisodes. Bush Babies are designed with little children in mind. Place a finger in the back of the toy and you can move their eyes and ears. 


Can the soft toys be washed?

We advise that you clean the fur on your Bush Baby friend using a soft damp cloth. We would advise against machine washing.


Can I buy additional accessories for my Bush Baby?

Yes please visit www.goldenbeartoys.co.uk


Where can I watch the Bush Baby TV show?

You can watch the Bush Babies on their own TV channel - just click here



Where can I get Bush Baby Books?

Bush Baby World books will be available from 1st August 2017. We will notify where at this time.